Cooling fan


Hi a went out to get in my car and the battery was completely dead I have now got a new battery and car started strait away I noticed the fan cooling fan I think ad started even tho there was no keys in the ignition I am guessing that’s the reason for my previous battery to die any ideas why the fan would fire up the cars been on the driver for 2 weeks never moved Tia

I don’t understand that line, so I can’t help there.

It is possible that the relay for the electric cooling fan has stuck in the closed position, thus running the fan all the time. This is dependent on how the cooling fan system is wired in your car, but I have seen it happen. Although, I haven’t personally seen it in an Audi

I think that is supposed to say the vehicle has been on the driveway for 2 weeks. But without periods and spaces the post is hard to read. And I have no idea who Tia is .

it’s a typo I think

ti got autocorrected to Tia

Tia is “Thanks In Advance”


Oh, I was hoping she was Tia Carrere.


Purebred , you made me use Google .

Why not Tia Leone? :slight_smile:

That would be Téa Leoni.


Oops! Spelling error Mea culpa!

Tia is text-speak for thanks in advance

Tia is text-speak for thanks in advance

Some one need’s to write a dictionary so the rest of us will know what they are saying.