Coolant leak

Got a 2002 Chevy Impala with 92,000 miles.

Mechanic says coolant is leaking out of the engine. I get low coolant level light but engine runs at normal temp.

Is there a product to add to coolant that will stop the leak? Don’t want to spend the money to change gaskets.

Thanks for your help.

Sure, Bar’s Leaks, Alumaseal, just plain old black pepper…

Just be aware that if the gasket broke at one point, it will break at another. And most coolant stop leaks can cause many other problems, like clogged up coolant passages. I went that route once, and it cost me a radiator that became so clogged up, the radiator shop was unable to clear it. Luckily, the engine seemed unaffected.

No, there isn’t a product that will permanently stop a coolant leak.

Where is the coolant leaking from? This is important. Some coolant leaks are minor, some are major. Please tell us more.

Thanks for your help guys.
I’m not sure exactly where the leak is… when the mechanic told me it would cost over one grand, I opted for a coolant flush and replacement of the rusty sensor. I don’t think the leak is inside the block. I don’t smell any coolant burning odor.

I don’t think the leak is inside the block. I don’t smell any coolant burning odor.

I suggest a compression test.

A google search shows the 2002 Impala 3.4 V6 to be prone to intake manifold gasket leaks. The repair cost is in the $700 - 1000 range. This is not something to let go, as the coolant gets into the oil and then displaces the oil from the engine bearings wrecking the engine.

When the intake manifold gasket started to leak on my 2000 Blazer there was a slow drop in the coolant level (~1 pint a month) and occasionally there would be the smell of antifreeze after the truck was driven some distance. My regular mechanic found a few drops of coolant in the oil and the dealer was able to confirm the leak.

There was a class action suit against GM, but it may be too late to make a claim. Here is a website with more info.

Ed B.