Coolant leak


I have a leak in my heater system that is leaving coolant on the rug under my feet. how much does this cost to get fixed? or do i need a new one??


Impossible to give you a reasonable estimate without knowing what vehicle you’re talking about. It’s likely the heater core, which doesn’t cost that much $50 - $150 for most vehicles), but the labor costs vary wildly. Some vehicles require most of the dashboard be removed and the a/c system discharged and subsequently recharged.


Well…how about more info. Type of vehichle, make, model and year. Mosy likely a heater core but there is a BIG difference in price by vehichle.


You need a new one.



On my '72 Vega the core was actually in a cavity in the firewall under the hood, highly accessable. The Vega was full of good ideas…very poorly executed!