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Coolant Filter. Any Experience Or Recomendation?

I’ve always thought of these, and now with the internet, we can exchange ideas that before weren’t possible. Whenever I drain my coolant, I always strain it thru and old piece of cloth, but I think a filter would be a great idea! There’s a clear one on Ebay, but it’s pricey. Anyone have any other ideas? (For the eBay link, type in inline coolant filter)

The only reason I can think of to strain it is if you’re going to reuse it. Fluid moves through the engine pretty quickly, so that better be a very high flow filter.

It should be changed periodically, anyway, so how often do you drain your coolant?

Unless I just did a fluid change, I would not reuse the old anti-freeze.

Edit: Looking at one listed out on eBay (Medium Brass Inline Coolant Filter Universal), looks to me like the filter is very coarse, and would only catch the largest of particles.

That’s my opinion, anyway.


My opinion, FWIW, is to avoid any such filter. It is entirely unnecessary. The cooling system of a car does not require particle-free coolant. Radiator failure is chiefly due to corrosion rather than blockage. Also, another gadget merely means another thing that can go wrong.

Regular maintenance of the cooling system is all you need.

Yes, do NOT put in a filter. If it clogs you’ll overheat and potentially damage the engine. Normal coolant changes eliminate any problems with contaminants. It’s not like oil, particles in the coolant won’t wear anything out.

I have never heard of anyone using a coolant filter in a non-commercial vehicle. I don’t see any need, and I see some possible problems.

If it is not broke, don’t fix it.