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I have a GM 402 w/700r tranny sitting around. I am limited on knowledge and want opinions on very best vehicle to “drop” this combo into. Keep in mind limited budget and knowledge. Thanks

“Drop” it into something built in the 1960’s, preferably before emission controls went into effect ('68, '69, I can’t remember). Pick your vehicle. Anything newer may be a problem,especially if you intend to license this vehicle and drive it on the street.

I suggest a GM vehicle from the early-to-mid-1960s. There are plenty from which to choose.

Good luck. If you’re married, I hope your spouse is on board with this “project.”

If not, reconsider the whole thing.

Find a Corvair and put it in the back seat. You will need to fabricate a cowl to cover it, but that shouldn’t cost too much. Mid-engine 8 cylinder Corvairs have been built before, usually with small block Chevy engines. If you plan to modify the engine substantially you probably should not consider this. But a stock or mildly modified 402 should work.

A 76 Impala could use a good engine. You might have some space in there.

My first thought was a 3rd generation Camaro (82-92). Find a clean rolling chassis with no powertrain or a 6 cyl. version that could be yanked.
They’re fairly plentiful and usually reasonable in price. Parts can be had cheap just about everywhere.
Many other Chevys (63 Impalas, 67 Impalas, Chevelles, etc. are a bit pricy); even the ones with no engines or transmissions.

This is the 1969-1972 402 engine; not the later 400, right? If it is the earlier 402 and you’re planning on hammering the car a bit the 700R4 in stock form may not last over the long run.

Thanks. You were reading my mind. It is an early 402 and the tranny is a beefed up unit. Thanks again

Good price even if the rockers are rusty. Can’t tell from the pix.

Some guys used to drop a Corvette engine in the Belairs too.