Control Arm Lubrication?

hi there.

since 2-3 weeks ago my car start making a noise on the suspension , yesterday i decided to take a look at it ( i am not a mechanic or a sabby ) i notice that when i push the car down it makes a noise like that sounds like (wuack wuack) i start suspecting the schocks and struts (but they are 6 months old) then i went down the car and another person push down the car and i notice that the noise came from the control arm but not from the part where the wheel is located it is from the middle where the 2 control arm get together on the middle of the car.

i start spraying some WD40 on al the nuts and parts i could reach and i start pushing the car down again , suddenly the noise reduces and then dissapear.

i imagine i need lubrication what are your toughts here?

i want to know the name of that repair job so i can go straight to the mechanic and ask for it?

thanks in advance

Lubricating the control arm bushings is NOT a good idea. If they are making that much noise they need to be replaced.

Explain why it’s not a good idea to lubricate bushings? This is a normal practice in the auto repair industry. Although, I wouldn’t use WD40 for this. I silicone lubricant is much better for the bushings.


i totally agree with tester
wd40 is not indicated for this . i just wanted to narrow the noise an wd40 is all i had at the moment i didnt expect wd40 to fix it.
i will put a picture of the part i lubricate it is not a picture of my car is from google and is just to give a better idea since my car look diferent but the idea is the same.

in this case the noise is normal due to lack of lubrication and can be easily fix by relubricating parts or i need to purchase some spare parts?

As Tester stated, this appears to be simply a case of your bushings needing to be lubricated. Some silicone lube should take care of this problem–at least for a few months, when you may need to lube the bushings again.

thanks a lot for your inputs here
i will have the bushings lubricated ASAP take care all and thanks again

Believe it or not, baby powder has been quite good at ending noises at that type bushing. Removing the thru-bolt is necessary. But the result is effective and long lasting.