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Control arm bushings... is it normal to fail after 5 years ? 2008 Honda Pilot

have a 2008 Honda Pilot less than 80,000 miles on it. was just told by the dealer the control arm bushings need to be replaced

they put it on the lift for me and I saw what looks to be dry rot on the bushings. I am the original owner and it has not been abused … all required service completed

my question to this group and especially other Pilot owners …have you seen this ?

thank you

It’s normal for the control arm bushings exposed rubber parts to the elements to crack. It’s when those exposed parts begin to chunk out, or there’s slop in the control arm bushings is when they’re replaced.


This is normal, the bushings are “checking”. The edges of the bushing dry out and crack, but the center of the bushing remains solid and pliable, doing its job. The bushings are still good for another 15 to 20+ years.

If there is bushing play though, they may need to be replaced. Not normal at 5 years, but it may be that the car hit a serious pot hole one time and did some damage to the bushing.

A lot of off-road-dirt road driving will do it…But edge cracks are nothing…