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I’m not sold on the CVT transmissions yet. When they show up at the drag strips…I may change my mind.

The only real long term experience I have with a CVT was with a Dodge Caliber rental, it was vile hateful thing, and the transmission only exacerbated my distaste for the car. I’ve also driven the Nissan Murano, which was better due to the substancially more powerful engine, but I given a choice I would rather have a regular slushbox than a CVT. I also got to drive the 6 speed automatic Ford Five Hundered and the CVT Five Hundered back to back, just on seat of the pants feel, the 6 speed auto seemed to have more pickup and was better to drive.

FYI. I had a 1982 lawn tractor with a CVT until 2009. It held up good. However, it was just a belt with varible-speed pulleys. You could set it at the speed you wanted to move and leave it there. It had a separate forward and reverse box. If i were ever to buy another tractor I would look for another Varible-speed transmissiion.
Also Ford put them out in their Ford 500s when they first came out. I don’t know how long that lasted.

Ford stopped using the CVT in the Ford 500, which became the new Taurus. A friend rented one a few years back and with only 15,000 miles on the clock, the transmission crapped out. Even the rental company was embarressed since transmissions in rental cars seldom give out.

Drive both and see what you think. Most people find CVTs unpleasant. They hold the engine in the powerband, which is good for performance and economy, but subjectively, you’re feeling like it should shift. For driving pleasure and longevity, I’d get a ‘normal’ automatic.