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2015 Subaru Outback - CVT?

I am looking at buying a Suburu Outback, but am confused about CVT. What can you tell about this as I have only driven automatic.

Have you even looked at this vehicle / CVT is just another way to have an automatic transmission operate. None of my business but do you really need all wheel drive ?I would not buy a used vehicle with all wheel drive .
Also put CVT in your search engine and you will fine articles that better explain CVT then I can.

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I test cars ad have come to love CVTs. They are smooth and offer great fuel economy. However, that particular car, the '15 Outback has a defect and Subaru has settled a class action claim on the CVT by extending the warranty to 100K miles. And, I hate to break it to you, the engine also has a well-known defect and yet another extended warranty. You can read the details here. For the record, I own a '16 Forester and have owned two Outbacks and a Legacy in the past.