1994 Dodge Caravan

My Dodge Caravan has white smoke coming from exhaust. What does this mean?

Could mean 2 things…

  1. its cold out and thats normal
  2. you have a head gasket out or a cracked head. This leads to another question are you using any anti-freeze?

…what engine/trans & miles ?? what fluids are low ?

smoke on start up could be oil from worn valve guides

or head gasket

just bought the thing for $1k and a used motor was dropped in (in april) w/about 78K miles on it. It ran great for about 3 weeks & then a/c went out after much high pitched squeaking and then white smoke from tailpipe. Yes there is antifreeze in it and no it is not cold right now. Thanks for the reply.

Its not cold out and yes it has antifreeze in it. I checked the oil as well and it is an appropriate amount.

Will it be okay for a while w/the head gasket thing possibly going out? Thanks for the response. Lannaf

I think the responder is asking “Is there loss of coolant from the radiator or reservoir.” If coolant is disappearing, you have an idea of where it is going. If you are loosing coolant, continued driving will risk engine damage from overheat due to lack of coolant and/or coolant getting into the oil.