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Contaminated Gasoline

I filled up with gasoline at a Marathon Station in Talladega, Alabama. I drove 25 miles into Anniston, Alabama and the Colorado quit running. I was able to continue to start the engine about every 4 truck lengths and coax it out of traffic. I called a Chevy Dealer and had the truck towed into the shop. After about 45 minutes they told me I had contaminated gasoline. They drained and dried the tank; cleaned the fuel lines; Pressure cleaned the injectors; and had to replace the fuel pump and filter. I have a quart of the contaminated gasoline. Who do I contact to test the gasoline to determine the contaminant? I have a lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama who will handle this for me. The repair bill was $1,571.00. My family had to get a rental car to continue to Chattanooga, TN. I stayed in Alabama. There are motel and food bills as well as the car rental bill.