2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Bad gas

How can I be the only contaminated gas purchaser at a gas station? I brought gas a station in Manvel, Texas. My car stopped on the freeway for the first time. I had the car towed to Mercedes of Sugarland.
The service advisor informed me that the reason my car stopped was due to contaminated gas. I contacted the gas station, but they are not will to pay because they do not have any other complaints. This is the only place I brought gas.

You brought your own gas instead of using theirs :wink: ?

But seriously , just one complaint will not get you a refund . If this is a station of a chain contact the main office and they might do a goodwill refund if you can prove when you bought the fuel . Also a copy of the actual repair invoice will be needed and how far you went before the vehicle stopped.

Contaminated with what ?

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This can happen if there is a fuel truck refueling the tank at the gas station while you are fueling your car. The containments in the gas stations tank is being stirred up while the big truck fills the tank. When I see a tanker at a gas station I go elsewhere.

What did repair involve? Drain tank? Flush system? No parts replaced?

Let’s assume the dealer assessment is correct. That might mean that the gas station is lying to you. I’m not sure how you cut through that if they did lie about contamination. You could try posting this complaint on a neighborhood web site to see if anyone living near that gas station had the same problem. Contacting the Texas attorney’s general office might be useful, too, but I’d start with a wide area request for information from folks on line.


Assuming the gas station is telling the truth, the problem lies with your car. Could someone have put a contaminant in your tank? Did you break up with someone recently? Park in their parking spot? Get a promotion over someone else at work? Sabotage could have caused this. Some folks are easily slighted, some folks do not realize they have offended someone.

As @jtsanders says maybe the station is not being truthful.

Consider all possibilities

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When I see a tanker, I think fresh gas that hasn’t been able to absorb much moisture yet. Fuel filters exist.

Water is one of the contminates.