Considering future car purchase

First I would like to say, I heard the show some 20 years ago I think. Didn’t remember what radio station it was on and what times. But enjoyed whenever I happened to catch it. I have Aspergers and I have been driving since I was 18(I am now 48). I have had my privileges taken away little by little(I still am responsible) I desperately want to still drive. If I get my situation to change, what car should I purchase?

Don’t take this the wrong way . . .

Can you afford to drive?

I’m going way beyond the purchase price of the car . . .

Are you financially able to pay for registration, fuel, maintenance, insurance, and so on?

As for having your privileges taken away, may we assume your driving license has been suspended?

If I may ask, for what reason?

If if its not physically unsafe for you to drive, then I would start to consider other options

If your license has been suspended because you are an unsafe driver, then you may need to invest in some driving lessons