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Connecting a wire to a fuse box

Hi all,

I recently bought a Kenwood car radio + kit for my Chevy Malibu LS 2003. I’m a little confused on a step where it tells me to: “You will have to run the accessory (Red) Wire to your Fuse box and connect the wire to a fuse that comes on and off with your key switch.” What does this mean? What type of fuses or fuse peripherals would I need to buy to set this up? I bought some tools as well to help with the installation.

You can use a fuse tap as shown:

You can tap into the output side of the WIPER fuse in the left instrument panel fuse block. This will provide power in both the accessory and run positions of the ignition switch. You need to do this because the original radio wasn’t equipped for a switched hot. It is/was turned on and off by a Class 2 signal from another module, probably the BCM. The RADIO fuse in the right instrument panel fuse block is hot at all times and is probably what is used to feed the yellow power wire on the aftermarket radio through the original harness plug.


Thank you for the prompt response! Would this work?

yes, same concept as shown above.

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Except that it is much more bulky and may or may not fit well within the fuse box.

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Thanks everyone!

Car radio is up and running!

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