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Connecting a performance management tool and car warranty


I have a 2010 nissan maxima and I want to connect a performance management tool through the OBD port … but am afraid that my car warranty will be cancelled !!!

is it possible that the dealer will know that I have connected the tool??

and will this cancel my car warranty??

(( note: I dont want to do any tuning … all I want is to see how my car perform ))

Thank you

If this tool changes or is capable of changing any of the factory parameters of the engine, then YES, it will void your factory warranty if discovered. Here’s a post that had a device that cost the owner $12,000 in repairs.

You have to pay to play.

It will not void(folklore) any warranty. However will become a reason for denial for a warranty claim if it arises. I would go to your car specific forum and discuss if putting the car back to stock will still have any parameters left the tool was used.

It can check and reset “Check Engine” lights and trouble codes… but it doesnt have rev limiter or speed limiter etc…
so, it will not void any warranty, right?!

If it’s just a code reader, then it would not affect your warranty.

waiting … I appreciate your effort :slight_smile:

“performance management” is indicative of something more than a monitor.

We’ll be able to give a better opinion if you tell us the brand and model number of the tool.

am planning to use either one of these products

1_ Rev By DevToaster … it is an iphone application
here is a link:


2_ WatchDogTM Multi-function Performance Gauge by Bullydog
here is a link:

I hope this will help :slight_smile:

You’ll be fine, no warranty problems with using either. The concern was that you were going to use a “tuner” or other tool that could reprogram engine parameters. The ones you list can’t do that, they can only read out diagnostic info.