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Condensor fan for 2001 Saturn L200 2.2L engine operation question

The car was overheating and the fuse for fan 1 was blown. Fan one has to be the radiator cooling fan in front of the radiator as it is now going on and off as the car is warmed up. The fan by the condenser never turns on as far as I can tell. It has 3 wires, red black and brown. I tried powering the fan jumping to the red and black and no go. In observing voltages when the radiator fan runs I get 14 volts on the black and brown. I am about to replace the fan, but feel it might be throwing parts at it without proper diagnosis. Thanks

The wiring diagram shows wire colors orange (5.0), black (3.0), black (5.0).
The color of your wiring may have changed with age.
The orange wire is for high speed, the thin black wire is for slow speed.

Got a fan from the junkyard, it is the wrong style so have to return it. wondering on the black link is that a fusible resistor or capacitor I could check to see if it failed? As the fan on the car currently has the same thing.

That looks like the resistor for low speed.
BTW the wire colors in the wiring diagram are for the wiring harness, not the wires on the fan motor.

The color and the gauge are the same on the harness.

I think the wiring diagram @Nevada_545 provided maybe aren’t for the condensor fan. That could explain why the colors don’t match. It appears this car has two engine cooling fans, one which pushes air and one which pulls air. The condensor fan is for the AirCon right? It seems like that might be a different fan.

I agree, the silver thing looks to me like a power resistor used to slow the fan down, as shown in the wiring diagrams. The same technique is used for heater blower motors, only w/more speeds there are more resistors. It is usually the lowest speed in the heater blower that goes out, as that resistor disapates the most power.

Good diagnosis so to test the fan I applied gnd to black and +12 v to red, nothing, getting 14v coming across brown and black while front fan running, but no rear fan operation. Bad fan or bad whatever that thing is. So if it is a resistor can I replace it?