"Condemned" engine


I own a 2001 BMW 325i. I bought it in 2011, it was in excellent condition, except for a small oil leak. I fixed the leak and then everything started happening. I’ve replaced so many things in this car that I’ve actually put more in to it then what I paid for it. This last issue was a rough idle and the scanner was showing me the code for a misfire. I took it in to the mechanic, he found that it was the first injector, replaced it, the night I picked it up it was still doing the same thing…engine light popped on. I brought it back the next day, they kept it for over a week, running test after test, finally they did an internal survey and found that the first cylinder is damaged and the shop has condemned the engine. My question is this: Is there no way to repair a cylinder? How or why does this happen and how much longer can I drive the car before it craps out on me. So far, it is rough when it’s cold…but once it warms up it rides just fine. Engine light comes on and then goes off. Thanks!


Does the cylinder have low/no compression?

Are the cylinder walls badly scored?

You really don’t give enough information regarding what is considered a damaged cylinder. It would be great if you knew what testing was performed and how this result was determined.

Repair of a single cylinder in an engine can involve any number of things if it really is a mechanical failure. While it may be possible to fix relatively inexpensively I would imagine that most people would choose to find a good used engine as a replacement as service fees will build up quickly on an internal engine repair. Well either that or trade in the car.