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BMW Diesel

I have a mysterious problem with the BMW 335d concerning the engine. The dealer detected a “miss” in the cylinders based on the check engine light, but there is no real drive problem. However, I have noticed a slight hesitation and noticeable reduction is fuel mileage. They don’t really know what it is but suggested replacing the fuel injectors (for $4,600), in case that is the problem. And if not, maybe it needs cylinder head replacement. That seemed to be a rather expensive (for me) way to diagnose the problem. I can’t believe that BMW somewhere has seen this problem before. Does anyone have any experience or information regarding this?

That’s crazy, they should be able to check the function on each injector. As for the head, that’s even crazier. A compression check would be next, I guess. Have you posted this on BMW forums?

What year is car. How many miles.

No need to replace an entire set of injectors. Someone should be able to diagnose where the problem lies, even if the readout doesn’t tell them. Sounds like these guys just like throwing parts (and your money) at the problem and hope for a fix.
I’d look for a second opinion.

Was the dealer able to discern which cylinder is misfiring? Usually the diagnostic systems are able to identify the cylinder number causing the problem.