Computer code is P0301 which is a cylinder #1 misfire

The car is a Saturn 2001 SL2. Engine is 1.9L DOHC. The timing chain was replaced and now it drives like it’s missing. The computer code is P0301 which is a cylinder #1 misfire. Replacing plugs and wires didn’t help so the timing has to be off. It runs like crap but is it safe to drive? Will it cause damage? And how much to fix? Thanks.

How many miles?? How many coils?? Why was the timing chain replaced?

More things to check: Fuel injectors, cylinder compression.

Driving it as is could eventually do damage to the O2 sensors or catalytic converter due to raw fuel going into the exhaust system. It will also be dangerous to merge onto a highway in a very underpowered car. Good luck.

It also possible that the injector for that cylinder was damaged or not reconnected when the work was done.

Thank you for the replies. I was reading them and it gave me insight as to what to check. My concern was driving it with the timing chain not installed correctly. I didn’t want to damage the engine. There was a rattle with 106000 miles. I checked the fuel rail as one reply suggested. The problem was a lose vacuum hose. Thank you all.

You now know that a incorrectly installed timing chain will not cause a single cylinder misfire.