Compressor problems

I have had problems with my 2003 Taurus’s compressor. I pulled the fuse out and it stopped making the horrible noise that alerted me to the problem. Would it hurt anything to drive this car for a while without this fuse in until funds become available to repair my car?

Absolutely… If the noise disappears when the compressor is off then that indicates an internal compressor problem. When you remove the 12v from the compressor clutch it basicly shuts down the compressor itself but the compressor clutch will still turn. The clutch itself should have a connector going to it supplying the 12v to the clutch. Removing the fuse is fine, but just make sure that the fuse does not control any other electrical components. I would just disconnect the connector going to the clutch itself and tape the connector in a safe place away from rotating parts and the exhaust manifold.