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Compressor for Air Conditioner

1996 Mazda Protege air conditioner died today in the lovely 2nd week of Kansas heat wave of over 100 degrees each day. Was replaced in 2006.

What should be the approximate cost of the parts and labor to replace? Is it normal to have died after 8 years? It was a reconditioned one.


It depends on how the compressor failed.

If the compressor clutch bearing failed where it damaged the compressor housing then it’s just a matter of replacing the compressor, the drier, pulling a vacuum on the system, and recharging it. But if the compressor failed internally where debris is now throughout the system, the entire system needs to be flushed to remove the debris, and the expansion valve needs to be replaced. This costs more.

An AC system is a sealed closed loop system. So it either works or it doesn’t.


Thankyou! Very helpful explanation!