Compressor clutch

I have a 2013 Subaru Crosstrek. While I was on a trip last week, it started blowing hot air. I went to the local Subaru dealer there, and they diagnosed it as a bad compressor clutch and said that I would need to have the compressor replaced, but it would take them until Tuesday (tomorrow) to get the part. Since I had to be back at work today, I decided to wait and get it done here.

Now…I know just enough to be dangerous and am familiar with the idea of replacing the condenser/dryer when you replace a compressor, but this wasn’t mentioned by the dealer. Should that be done, or does it not need it since it was the clutch and not the actual compressor that went bad?

As long as the compressor itself didn’t grenade itself, there’s no reason to replace those parts or flush the system.


Thank you…I wasn’t finding a good, straightforward answer to that anywhere.

why would you need the compressor replaced, just replace the clutch.