Compressor clutch problem for Olds Silhouette '02

My auto repair shop recommended changing the whole compressor clutch assembly for my car. Grinding and rattling noise that lessen when fan or A/C is on. He told me that they cannot change clutch alone, the whole assembly is required for around $800. Is there any other way to solve this problem? How dangerous it is to leave as is.

The compressor clutch can be replaced with the proper tools. Access to the compressor clutch may be difficult for removal, but it can be done. Take the vehicle to a shop that’ll just replace the compressor clutch.


What do they charge to replace the entire compressor? The part is more expensive, but the labor is significantly less.

No. To replace the compressor assembly requires recovering the refrigerant, replacing the compressor assembly/receiver/dryer, evacuting the system, and recharging.

Now if the compressor can removed from it’s mountings and positioned because of the flexible hoses, the clutch can be replaced without discharging the AC system.

Which sounds cheaper?