Complicated 4X4

Can any one tell me how to reassemble the transfer case actuator head on my 03’ Toyota Tacoma V6

I had the dealer look at it and they were kind enough to give me an estimate of $1900 to replace it. I felt it was an eletrical issue and proceeded to take it apart. I did find dirty contact slip rings in the head of the unit, and was able to verify the electric motor still operated in both directions. I unfortunately did not take note of the slip ring and drive gear position. So to my dismay I heard the retraction of the spring loaded pinion rod that enters the transfer case. I now have it manually in 4 wheel but can not get the sequence right for the electronics to work as its supposed to with the push button.

Can this be corrected externally or dose the transfer case have to come apart to preload the actuator rod? I can’t find a manual that goes deep enough.

Thanks for any help, Mike

PS. The truck has 69,000 original miles and the extended 7yr 100,000 was up Dec 31st, go figure.

You might have to check with a transmission shop or Toyota dealer for this one. If you’re lucky, you may find a friendly mechanic if you call around that will give you some free advice on how to set this up.

A FACTORY service manual will show you exactly how to set up the T-case…Check e-Bay or order one from Toyota…

The best 4WD systems STILL have two big levers sticking up through the floor-boards…