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Compass won't reset and transmission problems

I had to disconnect mirror to reglue it and haven’t been able to reset the compass on 2002 Grand Prix with Onstar, (not being used). Followed the procedure recommended online for non Onstar compass. Didn’t work. Any suggestions?

Car has about 140,000 miles. Transmission was slipping when fluid got to about .75 Qt. low. Added fluid, slipping stopped but then fluid level dropped again. Doesn’t seem to be leaking. Was flushed at about 80,000 miles. Still looks pink instead of brown and doesn’t smell bad. Any idea why level is dropping? Recommendations are mixed about flushing the trans at that many miles unless it was flushed every 30,000 miles.

Look in your radiator. The transmission cooling lines sometimes rupture and allow the fluid to escape into your radiator.

In general, you want to drain and refill a transmission, not flush it.

When it comes to changing your transmission fluid, the best thing you can do is have the pan dropped and the filter cleaned when the fluid is changed. If the pan seal is leaking this will solve the problem. Having this done by a well trained transmission specialist (DON’T GO TO AAMCO!) will ensure the whole transmission gets a good inspection.