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Grand Prix Transmission Breaking?

Hello My 2001 Grand Prix GT’s transmission has begun to act up. it currently has 89,000 miles on it. I dropped the pan and replaced the fluid and filter at 57,000 miles and dropped the pan and replaced the fluid but not filter at 82,000 miles. Yesterday I came home from work after 30 minutes of highway driving and noticed no problems. 10 minutes later I left for a short trip to a pizza restauraunt. I noticed the transmission would hesitate getting into gear and shutter when it did. When i parked I checked the fluid and it seemed ok. After eating for about 50 minutes I left to go home and had no further problems. No problems today unil coming home I was in stop and go traffic in town. I stopped on a slight hill and noticed the transmission hasitating and shuttering again when I began to move. I stopped in subway for 20 minutes and drove away with no problems again. Anyone have any suggestions? I think I am going to call an independent shop but I am afraid when they have the car nothing will go wrong.

If the fluid level and condition looks good, the next step is to scan the computer for any trouble codes. These transmissions have issues with their pressure control solenoids. A scan of the computer and test of the EPC might clear things up. It takes a special scanner to run the tests on the EPC so you should probably take it to either a dealer or trans shop for diagnosis.

Let us know what you find out.


Thanks for the reply,

I took it to an indepent shop today. We took it for a 5 minute drive and you guessed it didn’t happen with the mechanic. He checked the fluid color and level and said everything was fine. However when he hooked it up to the scanner he said there was a code. The way he explained it he said the computer can operate the transmission to adjust for wear and that it was at it’s max setting. He said it was all computer controlled and nothing to adjust or parts to change. Said basically to run it until it dies.

Any thoughts on what if anything to do?

What code did he pull from the computer???


No sure just said it was at it’s max setting to compensate for the wear in the transmission. I have an odb2 scanner at home going to check if I can find it in there tonite