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College commuting patterns

Hey all, my apartment is 1 or 2 miles away from campus, in a town that is 100 miles from home.

I drive to and from campus 2-3 times weekly, and I just know that the engine isn’t getting properly warmed up.

But every single weekend I drive 100 miles back home on the interstate to work for a little beer money.

Are the 200 mile weekly trips enough to cancel out the luke warm engine temps during the week?

You’re doing exactly what I would recommend, a weekly long drive. Just make sure you check the oil periodically, and change it according to the ‘severe service’ schedule, likely every 3000 miles.

Yep I do both. I even check tire pressures and the trans fluid. Thanks tex.

You should be on an average oil change schedule.

Agree; those fast trips home clear out the condensation and any engine deposits that may form from short trip driving. This is the exact advice we give the “Aunt Minnie” drivers on this forum who ask advice on oil changes.

Your driving pattern would suggest at least two oil and filter changes per year, possibly 3. Follow your owner’s manual.