Collant leak//Bad Head Gasket

I recently purchased a 1991 Honda Escort. The very next day I bought new radiator fluid and filled it up. Today (about 3 weeks later) I look down and my engine Temp is way up in the red. When I stop and check my coolant levels there is none to be found. I have never noticed a leak on the ground from my car, or a visual leak on the engine. At times there is light smoke that comes out of the tailpipe.

From everything I have read thus far it sounds like a bad head gasket, or at the very least an internal leak. Any ideas on how I can diagnose this myself cheaply?

Sorry, meant Civic

You just did! The engine is losing coolant, you see a light smoke coming out the tail pipe, plus the temp gauge is in the red. That’s the indication of a breached head gasket.