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Coldair intake/weather?

I have a coldair intake on my car and i was told that the car cant be driven in the rain because it will suck up water into the motor? Is this true???

If the intake is in the wheel well or below the front bumper there is the possibility of ingesting water if you drive into a deep enough puddle.

Driving in the rain shouldn’t be an issue. I have a home brew CAI on a 93 Caprice and have not had any problems driving in the rain. The filter cone is behind the headlights and shielded from water splashing up from the ground.

Ed B.

How about reinstalling the stock intake and not worrying about it…Unfortunately though, you would loose that extra 1.5 horsepower and it wouldn’t look as totally awesome.

If it was installed properly, it should not be a problem. Of course retuning to stock would provide proven safety at the expense of some noise and a very very small amount of performance.

Note, the above was based on the assumption you have not done heavy modification to the power train and that you have a modern (pre 70’s) engine. Cold air intakes can make a difference when you are milking every fraction of horsepower possible. The effect on a modern stock engine is very minor.