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Cold Winter, No Heat!

I’ve got a 1995 Ford E350. The temperature gauge never gets more than an 1/8" above the Cold mark. Needless to say, I have no heat. The temps in Indy have stayed pretty low lately, which makes for an uncomfortable ride. The radiator and thermostat, (OE specified temp), are both brand new, and were changed less than a month ago. Suggestions? Help?

How cold have the temps been?
When I lived in North Dakota, when the temps went subzero for any length of time my engine would be unable to get to operating temp without a piece of cardboard or a blanket blocking the radiator. Everyone had something in front of their radiator.

It’s also possible that your cooling fan temperature sensor is bad and the cooling fan is operating when it shouldn’t be. If it’s running when the engine is cold, that’s where the problem is.

The only source of heat in the entire vehicle is the cylinders. In your case you’re dissipating heat faster than your engine is creating it.

FWIW (When All Else Fails) :
I Don’t Know What A FD1460 Engine Is, And I’m Not Sure If The E-350 Is A Cargo Series, But Some 93 - 96 Cargo Series Fords With That Mill Have Problems With “Lack Of Heat.”

This engine has 2 zero leak thermostats.
The problem may be caused by coolant bypassing the thermostat in the thermostat housing. You have to determine if that’s what’s going on and if it is then you have to shim the thermostat to keep the thermostat in the flow of engine coolant.

The procedure is outlined in a 3 page Ford Technical Service Bulletin # 96-19-11. It requires a shim kit, thermostats, and gaskets.


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The problem might be that the radiator fan clutch is locked up.

When the engine is cold try spinning the radiator fan by hand. It should spin a few revolutions. If doesn’t the fan clutch is defective.