Engine Running COLD...... WHY?

I recently bought a 98 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 V6.

The engine runs around 170 degrees and no more. I put in a new 195 degree thermostat, checked the coolant level and condition and NO change in the engine temperature.

I drove it around about (30) miles today and when I go home checked under the hood.

The top radiator hose was warm (not hot) and strangely, the bottom radiator hose was COLD. Not even warm… ?

I would think it the radiator was clogged or water pump not pumping correctly, it would be running HOT. Right ?

What the heck is going on with this truck ?

Check and see if the fan clutch for the radiator is locked up.


Also, if you’re getting good heat out of the heater, the temperature sending unit or the dash gauge might be off calibration.

The first thing I’d do is point a laser thermometer directly next to the coolant temperature sensor