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Cold Start, lost starter

Cold start.
Wouldn’t start
Added battery charger.
Lost ignition
We have lights, guages and such but no starter or solenoid to starter

How did you determine it lost ignition and what exactly do you mean by that? My first thought on a GM vehicle is always the connection being clean and tight enough at those lousy side terminals. Next the ground connection then the cables themselves, then the starter. Are you getting voltage to the starter and how much?

There is no solenoid click, no power to the starter that we know of. We are
going in with the volt meter tomorrow. It all started with a cold weather
charge to the battery. Lost everything initially. The got dash light back
when we replaced relays

There’s about a half dozen things that are common causes for no-cranks. Often if you just replace the battery and starter it will be solved. If you prefer a proper diagnosis first, which is a good idea, you’ll figure it out if you measure the voltages at the starter motor, then working towards the battery if you note less than 10.5 volts during attempted cranking, as you say you are already planning on doing. But first make sure the battery connections are clean and tight to the posts, and that the problem isn’t the clutch or transmission neutral safety switch. Try starting in N rather than P if an automatic for example. Or jiggling the shift lever. Moving the clutch pedal a little this way or that if manual.

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That’s a plan. Thank you