Cold Hybrids

I accept that hybrids are the way of the future. I live in Minneapolis and it is chilly here for a long time. My question is ‘how do hybrids do in the cold?’ Specifically, when it is cold, stopping and starting an engine takes energy so once we get started, we try not to stop the engine. The second part is that battery power is reduced in the cold and demand is higher for a starter. Do hybrids work ok in the cold and do they still save gas?

Finally, why can’t we use E85 in any of them?

Hybrid vehicles have been sold all over the world. They are running in Alaska and Maine, and cold regions of Canada. I see no reason why a hybrid won’t function well in Minneapolis. Do you see hybrids on your daily commute? Surely there are some.

Hybrids have the same sort of battery for starting the engine your current vehicle has. The drive battery is used to propel the vehicle, not start the gas engine.

The gas engine provides heat to the vehicle interior, so, yes, the gas engine will run more in winter and fuel mileage will be reduced.

The hybrid system is not the reason E85 cannot be used. E85 requires special modifications to the fuel system, and only vehicles with these built-in modifications can use E85. You can find a list of vehicles designed to run on E85 at

No problems are being reported for cold temperature uses. I am not a hybrid fan, but I have been very impressed with the quality of the product with all this new technology. The manufacturers really should be repected for getting this one right.

I know two people who one one here in NH. No problems at all. I don’t know why where would be.

Hybrids do fine in cold weather; just don’t expect that fabulous gas mileage reported by taxis in Seattle and San Francisco!

Mileage does drop a good amount in the winter according to a friend who lives in Western MA and uses in country back roads.

Turning on/off a car(Hybrids do this) in freezing temps is a non-issue. A warm/recently used engine is very easy to start since all fluids etc are warm no matter what the temp is outside.