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Cold fine hot crud!

I have a 2000 VW Beetle. It runs great when it’s cold but when it warms up it misses so bad you think it only has 2 cylinders working and has zero power even foot to the floor…Any ideas?

There are about 1001 possible causes for poor operation. Shot plugs & wires, a bad 02 sensor, a bad MAF sensor, the possibilities are endless. There isn’t enough here to even guess. Unless, of course, you have not been keeping up with the maintenance schedule???

Find a reputable independently owned and operated shop and bring it on for diagnosis. Chances are the plugs will be shot, the ignition wires will be shot (unless it’s a coil-on-plug arrangement), the filters will be clogged, and all the usual stuff. Chances are good that the repair will be affordable.

Allow me to amend a wee tiny bit. The O2 sensor may be the most likely candidate, since when the engine is cold the O2 loop is bypassed to enable the engine to run rich. But you need to get it to a diagnostician to find out.

Is the ‘check engine’ light on?