Cold air streaming in on passenger side

I have a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer, and as soon as it gets cold outside, cold air just streams in on the passenger side - down in the footwell and if you open the glove compartment, FREEZING air comes rushing out. This is when you get up past 50 MPH. I also get a high pitch hum on both sides of the car when it’s windy outside and I’m on the interstate. Anyone have experiences like this?! Thanks!

Did you have the windshield replaced recently? I ask this question because I once rented a car that had the same hum at highway speeds you are talking about. I returned it to the rental company and they told me that the windshield in the rental that I rented had recently had a windshield replaced. They claimed that this was the problem. I was given an upgrade at no extra cost to me.

Hmmm! That’s interesting. No, the windshield hasn’t been replaced. Thanks for posting!

I have the same problem on my 2004 mountianeer (actually my wife does, she rides on that side) freezes her feet in the winter. I have no solution yet, but it may be connected with the problem I am having now in the summer. hot air comes out the upper vents for the rear passenger compartment when the a/c is on, and the air from the dash vents doesnt seem to be as strong as it should be. My first impulse is to say some sort of a vacuum problem.