Cold air blasts in car when turning

during the winter months, when I turn a corner in my '05 Impala, I get a blast of cold air in the car. I can’t tell where it’s coming from, but I’m thinking I might have a bent frame (I bought the car used from a dealer- a program car)

I would make two suggestions. First you might be loosing vacuum and since most heating/cooling systems are vacuum controlled if the vacuum is low it can change the operation of that system.

The second possibility is simply that cold air is heavier than hot. When you make a right turn the cold air that is on the passenger side will “fall” to the driver side (unless you have a right hand drive car) so the driver will fell colder and the passenger warmer. Try some right and left hand turns and see if I am right. BTW as the car warms up and the air gets mixed (hot and cold) it will not do this any more.