Coffee damage exterior paint?

I would assume that our car’s exterior paint gets hit with a lot more that’s a lot worse than a cup of coffee. But I thought I’d ask in case anyone has SEEN evidence to the contrary.

I google searched and found nothing convincing - just a few sites shilling detailing services, car wash products, etc.

So I’m wondering: Have you ever SEEN damage to a car’s paint left by a spilled cup of joe?


I’ve spilled several cups of coffee in my lifetime (black with sugar) after forgetting them on the cars’ roof, etc. Never any damage.

It is a good thing that it does not cause damage. Think of all the paint problems we would have considering how many mechanics drink coffee. ?

The damage occurs if there’s a paint chip that’s through the e-coat. Coffee is corrosive and will attack metal.

You should wash it off as soon as possible because it will dry to a sticky mess that will be a pain to get off, but it probably won’t harm the paint. I would guess it will, however, eat through any wax and you should therefore re-wax the area.

I poured cold water on a hot hood and caused permanent discoloration of the paint on a 63 Galaxie. So yes, coffee can at least do that.

I cannot fathom anyone being careless enough than to spill coffee (unless its truck stop coffee). I can understand spilling nuclear waste, acids, a mother in laws bean dip but coffee is much to precious and valuable to spill. (:

Not on a modern car. While coffee is acidic, it isn’t concentrated enough to damage your paint.

I’m All In. As A Coffee Connoiseur (Common Sewer) I Would Love A Good Strong Cup Of Coffee That Has Enough Guts To Etch The Finish On My Bonneville. All Coffee Is Good, Some Just Better Than Others.