Coffe spilage mercedes van

I was driving a new mercedes sprinter 2019 plate and i had a coffe cup in the passengers cupholder i had some bumps on my ride so some coffee got spilled on the pasengers dash
Somehow that got under the dash hitting all the electrical underneath as well as the ingnition module
When the engineer came said that this case is the sixth one happenning this month tried jumpstarting it directly putting the connectors to the battery
And when trying to get the ig module out he broke one pin from one of the plugs
Mercedes took 1000 pounds for the repairs but after i month they still havent made any repairs did some pict of the coroded plugs and wirres and said i need to pay an extra 3000 pound to fix it but
That doesnt seem like my fault at all


Seems like the dealership is at fault here.I wouldn’t pay them a penny for the module replacement that they broke.Try to talk to the owner of this dealership and explain your situation.If that doesn’t work,bring them to court.

I tried they said we cant help you
I am gonna go to court but wanted to know if maybe i have any orher alternative
Court id like to leave it as the last resort

Have you contacted Mercedes corporate yet? They’d be wise to step in on your behalf for two reasons. 1) if a Mercedes dealership makes me angry, the Honda dealership is right next door and my next vehicle won’t be a Mercedes. and 2) it’s their stupid design that started this whole mess. What moron decided to put spillable liquids above electronics and then not seal the electronics against liquid?

If you’ve already talked to corporate, then the only real alternative is to send the dealership a letter saying that you WILL take them to court, and hope that that’s enough to get them to do what’s right.

Otherwise, there’s nothing you can do (that’s legal, anyway :wink: ) to convince them if they aren’t already willing to be honest.

Reminded me of “Fate is the Hunter” movie starring Glen Ford.

That is sad story. Did they at least give you a loaner? Any word on why it is so long? We had a new car rearended, luckily it was fairly minor damage in appearence but had to wait 2.5 months until parts were available. I am on the they broke it they should fix it bandwagon. Not that they could imagine every worst case scenario, but that is a freakish event, a coffee spill killing a car.

I’m not sure if you’re in the United States or what other country you’re in, but I know what I’d do with my vehicles here in the U.S. after I dumped my coffee into electronic components, damaging them…

I’d get my car insurance agent involved at the earliest sign that the repair was going to be costly. That’s what insurance is all about. All my cars are covered with $0.00 deductible comprehensive insurance that would take care of my vehicle and me if I did something stupid.

I’m not sure if that’s your personal vehicle or a business vehicle or how your insurance works. I do know that there are occasions when somebody damages a vehicle and takes it to be repaired with the thinking they’ll pay out-of-pocket, only to find that once repairs are initiated the extent of damage and the costs begin climbing and then they get their insurance company involved. This sounds like one of those cases.