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CODES PO202,302&172 need help!

I have a 2002 dodge 4.7L and I keep getting these three codes. I have changed all plugs, three coil packs for the cylinders that were misfiring, changed the TPS sensor due to that code coming up earlier, changed the IAC valve that helped a little and i just put sea foam through the system. With all of this done I still keep getting these three codes and the truck runs badly. I have looked around and haven’t been able to find any information on what else could be causing the problem. I would greatly appreciate some suggestions and direction. PO202 open cyl #2 PO302 misfire #2 and PO172 to rich bank #1.

P0202 Injector #2 control circuit.
With the engine running you should have 12 volts on one injector wire and a ground pulse on the other wire. If this circuit checks out to be working replace the injector.

Now there is some helpful information!!! will check that right now. THANK YOU Nevada_545