Code P0780

I have a 2000 honda accord, it has about 227,000 miles on it. Unfortunately I cant drive it now, or I’m scared to anyway. The car has been jumping and reving up on it’s own and next day check engine light illuminated whole D4 light was blinking green. I turned car off and back on the D4 light stopped blinking but the check engine light remained on. I took it to advanced and the only code was P0780. Everyone I’ve talked to thinks it’s a solenoid. How do I know which solenoid. I am a single mom on a minimum wage budget. Please someone help me figure what this is. Also someone gave me some used solenoid from pick a part. These are it.

4cyl motor or v6?

It is a V6

With the mileage on your vehicle, it doesn’t look good.

Watch the video.


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