Code: P0103

my 2000 Audi A6 2.7T recently started having a problem where it jecks up and down when u try to accelerate with black smoke coming out the tail pipe. When i run the diagnostic it gave code P0103 ( MAF Sensor )how do i fix this without having my head reaped off by a dealer…work on the car myself with all the mech. stuff…thanks

It is possible that this might outstrip your abilities at some point, but probably not.

Check out this website:

It gives the basic troubleshooting. You will need a multimeter of some sort, and when it comes to cleaning the MAF, there is a specific cleaner for MAF sensors (though I suspect it is just relabeled electronics cleaner).

thanks,i just came up from the garage…i took out the maf sensor and cleaned it with brakeclean< allowed it to dry before putting back in and even changed the air filter…even though it wasnt dirty…but the problem still exist…

Right - but did you do all of the other basics, like check all of the wiring and the plug itself for problems? Check for proper voltage at the plug? Stuff like that?