Code 32 check engine light on 95 GMC Sierra truck


I replaced the compressor on this vehicle and within days the check engine light started coming on when on the freeway, not in neighborhood driving. I figure I must have done something but it is not obvious. I know the code is for the EGR system. Approx 125,000 miles, 5.0 V8, 2WD, auto trans. Figured I would look at the EGR valve unless anyone has a better idea. Thanks in advance.


Also check the EGR vacuum control solenoid. This solenoid is controlled by the computer to apply and cut off vacuum to the EGR valve at the proper times. Follow the vacuum line from the EGR valve to the engine. And somewhere along the way you’ll find this solenoid.



does your engine idle erratically up and down and do you smell a strong odor of gas if so take negative cable off battery side for 1 minute to reset computer.start truck if problem persists code 32 also states barometric pressure sensor circuit failure check maps sensor.