I have a BMW 328is w/5 speed. Recently I have been noticing that between 4 and 5 is real difficult to engage. Now it seems as like it is missing 3rd also. When I shift from 2nd to 3rd it will slip into 5th??? I also have noticed the shifter does not ride in the middle when it is in neutral rather it is off to the right side right under 5th gear? If I put pressure on the gear shift while it is in 1st I can then get the shifter to stay deadcenter while in neutral and when it is off center is when i notice the difficulty of it going into 3rd gear. Make sense…I hope?

If the transmission is acting up, why is ‘clutch’ the subject? Also, model year and mileage would definitely help. Have you had the transmission lube changed? It may make a difference, and save this transmission. Read the owner’s manual, because most stick-shift cars call for transmission lube change at 60,000 miles, but I have seen some that call for 30,000 miles. If this simple maintenance item doesn’t improve things, the transmission will probably have to be removed and inspected.

It sounds like the linkage between the shifter and the transmission is out of adjustment. does it work correctly once you have it in gear?

The bushings in your shifter are normal wear items, but they usually just get loose making the shifter feel ‘sloppy’ and they get replaced when the clutch is replaced, which is usually about every 150k miles. I fear that your problem may be more than just worn shifter bushings. Is the transmission making any unusual sounds?

No there is no unusual sounds with the tranny. I have just been noticing the difficulty in shifting. Everything still seems to be fine once in gear no sounds and no delays in power or speed.

It works fine when in gear. The problem is getting it there and that is why I thought it was a clutch issue?

98, 328is, 110k

This problem was notorious in VW. Verify all shifter bushings and linkages for binding and rust. Replace these before suspecting clutch or tranny prob. All bushings and rods are avail in aftermarket for older models.

As others have pointed out, it’s probably a shifter issue.

Read all about the fix here:

awesome response stronzo, I just gave you 5 stars bud. This is truly the answer.

Thanks, I hope it works out for you…