what would cause a 1996 jeep cherokee 5 speed to keep wearing out throwout bearings?


I’m no expert, but several possibilites come to mind:

  1. Bad driving habits: stopping at a light and holding the clutch pressed down (instead of putting the car in neutral).

  2. Mechanic replacing the parts incorrectly.

  3. Bad quality replacements.

PS, we could help better if we had more info. How many bearings, what else was replaced, what mileage, what engine, etc.


1996 cherokee sport 4.0 212000 miles. i changed the throwout bearing with a clutch kit. all parts replaced. i have good driving habits. this is only the second clutch. but i had a noise at rest with clutch pedal out that dissappeared when i pushed the clutch in. after the change it quieted the noise for about 30 miles now its back as load as before.


I don’t know about your vehicle, but maybe an adjustment could keep the bearing from being constantly engaged?


I saw a transmission where the sleeve that the throwout bearing slides on was missing. It had broken off the flange and nobody cared. Then somebody bought the transmission from the junkyard or wherever and didn’t notice. It is almost impossible that this is the problem you’re having unless the first shop broke it off and didn’t want to fix it. It worked roughly and had to make noise all the time. These are the kind of clutch jobs I would get stuck with. Somebody must be installing it wrong or is not checking things over before installing the parts.