Clutch switch input circuit malfunction

My check engine light came on a couple days ago, got a free scan at autozone. Came up with error code P0704 - clutch switch input circuit malfunction. Any thoughts on this? I tried looking up online for any help and haven’t found any other mentions of this code.

1997 Chevy K1500 4x4, 6 cyl., manual transmission



Well, gee, I’d say look at the clutch switch. I’d assume this is the little button that either gets pressed or unpressed when the clutch goes in-- mostly what it does is stop you from starting the truck in gear. I’m not quite sure why the computer cares about that, but apparently it does. If you stick your head down near the pedal, it’ll probably be obvious where it is-- most commonly they’ve either wiggled loose or some plastic part is broken.

You may find this useful :