Clutch: Stock or Hi-performance?

I noticed my clutch is beginning to slip when accelerating uphill. In general (all driver induced variables aside), would a hi-performance clutch be the way to go. A stock clutch package goes for a little under $200 while the next option up is well over $400. Would the increase in clamping power make the clutch last nearly twice as long? We do plan to try to keep the car for a long time.

The hi-performance clutch will not last any long, it will just be harder to push down and harder to hold down. It may even be harder to let out smoothly, but that depends on a lot of other variables. You only need the HP clutch if you have modified the engine for significantly more power.

Now there might be an aftermarket clutch kit that is made from more advanced materials or just better overall quality that might last longer, I wouldn’t rule that out.

How many miles on that clutch? Few people need a high performance clutch unless they have greatly modified the engine. if you are very hard on a clutch due to your poor driving skills, then maybe a performance clutch might help, but if you are a normal to good driver of a stock car, you don’t want one.