2004 Toyota Matrix Bad clutch job?

I have an 04 Matrix XRS 6 speed with 115,000 miles. So far it has been a wonderful car. I had the clutch changed a little less than a year ago. The car had about 108,000 when I changed the clutch maybe a little less. It was still on the OEM prior to the repair.

Today something happened to the clutch. The car did not make any horrific noises or anything. I was simply unable to put it into gear while I was trying to get on the freeway. It didn’t start to slip first or anything. I also could not press the clutch pedal all the way to the floor.

When I changed the clutch several months ago, I knew it was coming because it had started to slip about a month prior.

So now when I start the car it idles just fine. No noise. It’s just as quiet as ever. It only made a noise when I tried to put it in gear. I was not able to get it into gear at all. It made a brief smell of clutch at the time, but it faded quickly.

I have read of people needing to completely replace their transmissions on this car sometimes.

I can not get the car to a mechanic until Monday. Does anyone know if it sounds like a clutch issue? or a transmission issue?

Calm down. If the clutch pedal doesn’t feel right, chances are the hydraulic clutch release system is low on fluid or leaking. Check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder first. If it is very low or out, you may have to add, then bleed the system. The bleed screw is on the slave cylinder mounted to the side of the transmission. This system is external to the transmission, and doesn’t require the transmission to be removed again.

If the system is leaking, I suggest you replace the master and slave cylinder together, since they have the same wear and work together on a one-on-one basis. Together the parts are about $55.00, and a bit more if you use dealer supplied parts.