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Clutch-related Jaguar X-type issue?

2004 Jaguar X-Type, manual, 90K miles, her name is Gwenny :slight_smile: Recently, I was driving on the highway (55or 60mph) in 5th gear and when I went to down shift, it wouldn’t go back into any gear. I drifted safely to the shoulder and tried to put her into (any) gear while the engine was running… no luck. I turned the car off, and was able to shift into all gears. So I put her back into first and started the engine and while still stopped tried shifting from 1st to second… no luck. While the engine is running, I can’t shift into a different gear (when I try, I get stuck in neutral); while off, I can shift into any gear. There was no noise or smell when this all happened, or any time thereafter. Just prior to this incident, I had noticed that I had to really depress the clutch pedal far when starting her up, but shifting while moving was not affected. I can start the car and drive in first and reverse (and probably other gears), but if I take her out of gear while the engine is running, I can’t get back into one. I’ve been driving a stick in western PA for 25years; and have had Gwenny for 8years. Most shops are reluctant to work on a Jag even though Ford owned them from 1989-2008, and I have found the 2 Jag dealerships around me to be less than forthright.

I’d at least like to have an idea of what I’m getting into before I take her in… Any ideas??

Your clutch master or slave cylinder (or both) have probably failed. The good news is that it’s a pretty easy fix. The bad news is that shops charge a lot for it, especially on something like a Jag.

Try starting the car, then pumping the clutch pedal rapidly a few times before you try to put it into gear. If that works, you know it’s hydraulic.

First, check your clutch fluid level. If OK, yup, clutch master or slave cylinder bad.

If either the clutch master or the slave cylinder is bad…replace them both. If you don’t you will be paying again to get the other one changed when it goes bad. Usually…in a very short time.

thank you guys so much!! now i can go in better equipped. much thanks from both gwenny and me!!