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Clutch progressively sticks to the floor

I drive a 2004 Kia spectra (base model) w/ 93k

My clutch would start out fine as I start the car, but after pressing on the clutch pedal for about 40-60 times on one trip, it’ll start to loose pressure & becomes stickier. And as I press on the clutch pedal more & more, the problem gets progressively worse to the point where I have to manually pull the clutch back up with the tip of my foot.

I also notice that when I drive with the air conditioning, the problem would precipitate earlier & clutch response deteriorates much quicker.
But when I let the car rest for a couple of hours or overnight, the clutch response would slowly return, and eventually be normal again.

I’m scared this problem will get worse in the future & possibly cause an accident.

Please help & thanks in advance!

It sounds to me like the clutch master cylinder has bad seals and/or is just plain worn out. When your mechanic checks the clutch master cylinder, make sure that he also checks the clutch slave cylinder. If one is worn out, the other is sure to follow shortly, and it makes sense to replace both at the same time.

It almost sounds like someone might have added the wrong type of fluid to the clutch master cylinder causing the seals to swell and get sticky as the underhood temperature rises…Or it could just be normal wear…The cure is what VDCdriver suggested…