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Clutch problem

I had trouble getting into first gear in my 2001 mazda miata. I found the clutch fluid was low and I filled it. It will only shift into first with the engine off, after the car runs a few minutes it shifts into all gears easily, including first. Any ideas on what is wrong.

If your fluid was low, you may have air in the line now. You need to bleed the clutch(at the slave cylinder). That’s the first thing. If you still have trouble disengaging the clutch, either the master or slave is bad. One of them might be bad and leaking(low fluid)and you might need to replace. But most likely just air. Bleed it and you should be okay.

I agree 100% with everything rripstop said. Follow his, or her, advice and you can’t go wrong.

There has to be a reason the clutch fluid was so low. It could just be that you’ve never checked the clutch fluid in seven years (Nah, couldn’t be that), or it could be that there’s a small leak somewhere.

Which is it?

Thanks for the advice,that fixed the problem.

Not to be a killjoy, but your car doesn’t just use clutch fluid-- you’ve probably either got a hydraulic component that’s just about to go, or your clutch lining is probably close to needing replacement.